Benefits of

The Chesskid platform is available only to children and allows them to explore the foundations of chess by playing chess online with their peers, watching kid-friendly chess training videos, building their pattern recognition skills, completing level-up activities, and more!

Please encourage your child to use their account to practice and supplement what they’re learning in chess club. Simply go to and enter their custom username and password as described above to start logging in.

Using accounts

This gold-access Chesskid account offers unlimited access to play chess online, watch fun and instructional videos, build pattern recognition using a puzzles/tactics trainer, and complete level-up activities.


To play chess online: Chesskid offers two options for playing online: FAST CHESS games are either 5 minute games, 15 minute games, or 30 minute games that are played in real time against other kids. SLOW CHESS games are 3 days per move (this way, the game doesn’t have to be finished in one sitting).

  • To build pattern recognition: A famous chess master once said, “Chess is 99% tactics.” Your child can develop and build pattern recognition by using the puzzles/tactics trainer: Learn > Puzzles. There’s also a daily puzzle that can be found on the homepage after logging in.

  • To watch videos: Your child can learn anything from opening moves to tactical themes (like pins and forks) to checkmates to strategies by watching the fun, instructional, and 100% kid-friendly videos on Chesskid: Learn > Videos > Beginner.

  • Leveling-up: Combines interactive lessons with the games, puzzles, and videos of Chesskid to create a valuable learning tool. Your child’s level starts at Pawn 1 and they earn stars by completing lessons, watching videos, playing games, etc., As they earn more stars, they “level up.” Your child’s level can be seen on the homepage after logging in.

  • Appearance: Your child is welcome to change their avatar picture or background theme as they wish. Click on the Gear symbol > Avatar and Gear symbol > Theme.

    If your child has any trouble logging in, please email me at